Welcome to Irente Biodiversity Reserve


Irente Biodiversity Reserve (former Irente Farm) is situated in the western Usambara Mountains, 5 km from Lushoto.
It belongs to the north-eastern diocese of the Lutheran church in Tanzania. On the property there is an orphanage (Irente children’s home), a school for the blind (Irente school for the blind), and Rainbow school (a school for mentally retarded and autistic children).
The farm is 200 ha with plantations of pines, eucalyptus, wattle and silver oak, interspersed with pastures and plots of maize and beans. There is a dairy herd, which supplies milk to a small-scale cheese, butter and quark production. Goat cheese is also produced. In addition rye bread, an assortment of jams and juices bring an income.
The farm has a policy of biodiversity restoration that is to replant the rainforest that once existed here.
The climate is mild since the farm lies at 1400 m with a rainfall between 1000 and 1200 mm.
The Irente viewpoint with a view over the Masaai Steppe is only 2 km away.